How to buy one day car insurance
cartoon of a car with short term car insurance

Need to insure a car for just one day?

The site could be the answer to the prayer of many motorists who often struggle to get immediate or cost-effective insurance.

Factors such as age extremes and vehicle values can multiply the costs even if you own a giveaway car!

The site layout's fairly basic and, while it might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the most modern websites, it's extremely comprehensive and, most importantly of all, it really works! There’s no broken links, pages load quickly and the business end of the site – i.e. the page generating the quote and the ability to buy the insurance - is simple to use and reliable.

It's easy to be suspicious of sites that make extraordinary claims of being able to do everything. The old adage 'If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is' gets turned on its head by Piihub, because the site explains, step-by-step, how it enables drivers from 19-75 to get insurance, which makes the process totally credible and logical.

As well as being able to click in to get an instant quote, it's also possible to research the area of motor insurance with Piihub Ltd even further, thanks to good links at the foot of the page. The extensive menu here covers a range of situations, such as buying a car at auction, getting insurance to drive it away, as well as restrictions on cover, typical problems someone might have with their licence and legal issues.

When clicking through to actually get a quote, the process runs quickly and with simplicity. There's the reassuring feature that the quote links to an official car database and, by entering the registration number of the vehicle to be covered together with some basic (and not too personal) details about the driver, the quote displays instantly and can quickly and easily convert to a purchase with instant cover. The price, when tested on personal criteria, seemed very reasonable and affordable.

The icing on the cake is that the Financial Conduct Authority regulates the insurance industry so everything's above board and safe. The insurer is declared as Sky Insurance Services Group Ltd, so it's possible to reference this externally for extra peace of mind should you want it.skills, vis: